Our Story

A destination for coffee excellence in Cornwall

Liberty Coffee (established 2013) is the creation of Cornishman Ben Statton who first starting making coffee when working for our neighbouring restaurant Jericho’s Kitchen.

After installing a La Marzocco Linea espresso machine and opening our doors to the public we began to discover how tasty espresso could be. This led us to delve further into the world of coffee where we uncovered a hugely passionate community of coffee. There was so much enthusiasm and knowledge to draw from so we gradually built relations with some of the best roasters around. This meant we could source more direct, single origin coffees for the shop and implement a rotating coffee board; the idea being customers could try something different on every visit.

Thankfully, people liked our coffee which enabled us to upgrade our equipment and fittings with the profits from every cup. We gained confidence in our ability to assess the best types of coffee for the shop and how to precisely extract the goodness from them. The insight and availability of diverse, seasonal coffees with distinct flavour profiles, moved us away from the norm with significant quality differences from the chain coffee stores. The speciality coffee shop was born.

Today we continue to act as a destination for coffee excellence in Cornwall. We are proud of the strides we have made and look forward sharing the experience of speciality coffee to future consumers.