Our Coffee

What is speciality coffee?


We buy coffee that involves direct trade with the farmer, this ensures they get more money for their crop and in turn incentives them to produce better quality coffee year on year. 


Our house coffee is certified as organic. Coffee is graded using a tasting system developed by the Speciality Coffee Association, to qualify as speciality a coffee must score over 80 points (out of 100!). 


The best roasters buy higher quality coffees and roast them in such a manner that will allow the true nature of a particular coffee to shine through in the cup. We have tried and tested coffees from various roasters near and far, we are proud to work with some of the best in the business.


True, natural flavour originates from a painstakingly meticulous approach to farming coffee, these efforts must be rewarded. We wish to share this high quality approach so that you can taste the end product, we are confident that you won’t be disappointed.

Our Roasters