Hello friends, long time no speak. I’m just about re-emerging from this hiatus to update you all on our progress in reopening the shop in an exciting, new format. That sounds far too ambitious and enterprising but I have been able to bash some brain cells together to come up with a resemblance of a plan.


The shop has been closed since late March, after the initial shock subsided, I got some stressful admin shit done then settled down to living like a student again. I then embarked on a career in comedy utilising the heavily addictive Tiktok app. I even combined my new found fame to advertise local coffee bean deliveries to the good folk of Launceston.


It was a rather enjoyable process getting coffee out to people and whilst not being a massive money-spinner it did inspire me somewhat. Therefore I’ve attempted to create an online store as I like technology (despite technology not always liking me.) It will be relatively basic as I’m certainly no web developer but as long as you can navigate through it and buy things it will be a start.



Plans underway. I was kindly allowed to borrow an Apple Mac to start doing some work!


The shop will be pretty sparse at first, containing a fresh batch of retail coffee beans to purchase plus a few retail items we have hanging around. You can have these items delivered via Royal Mail or even select the Pick-Up option – I can meet you at the shop at an allotted time to pick up your items. (You can still select a Local Delivery option if you live in Launceston.)

My fingers and toes are firmly crossed but pending any tech dramas the online store should go live over the bank holiday weekend. This will set the groundwork for my the next stage of Project Re-opening (catchy title eh) when we will attempt some trial days where you can pre-order some food items for collection. I will have more information on this shorty, in the meantime…



Credit to CaffeineMag for this!