What is a roaster takeover?

This isn’t as ominous as it sounds. It means is that we select coffee from a particular roaster and use mostly just their coffee for a period of time in the shop.

Who are Has Bean?

Has Bean was started by Steve Leighton who is generally know as ‘a bit of a character’ in the coffee industry. Steve originally started experimenting with roasting different coffees at home and now offers a huge selection of over 60 different coffees in a year. Has Bean’s red & white branding has become synonymous with quality, this is due to a fantastic direct relationship with producers and farmers worldwide. Their fun, informative, friendly videos try and break down some of the confusing bumph that comes with speciality coffee.

Tell us about the coffee?!

We were delighted when Has Bean approached us to showcase some of their coffee in the shop. I took great pleasure in carefully selecting some coffees that sounded the most intriguing from their extensive list. These were the top three that I chose for you guys to try:

I have linked Has Bean’s inmymug videos to each title so that you can hear much more about the story behind each coffee.


Finca Cuidad Vieja Los Jocotales, Guatemala

Has Bean say: In the cup expect a brilliant mixture of chocolate and fruit. Think Cadbury’s Caramel and a bowl of greeguatemala-hasbean-roasters-takeovern and red apples.

Why we brought it: Guatemalan coffees always go down well in the shop. They are often very versatile so can fall into the category of somebody just wanting a quick tasty coffee.

How will it be served: We are going to use this coffee in the espresso format, I expect it will work in an Americano-like beverage but equally well in milk, especially a flat white.

Our staff are drooling at the prospect of tasting Cadbury’s Caramel in the cup!


Finca de Licho, Costa Rica

Has Bean say: In the cup there’s milk chocolate, then raspberry pavlova and a white sugar sweetness. I’ll always love the massive melted milk chocolate mouthfeel of this coffee, super awesome!costarica-hasbean-roasters-takeover

Why we brought it: The description was too good to miss out, memories of having raspberry pavlova on a Sunday afternoon when I was a kid. On a personal level this is my kind of coffee, a bit of acidity to kick things off but a lovely, long sweet finish.

How will be served: Has Bean roast a coffee just one way allowing you to brew it in an espresso or filter method (in the industry this is called omni-roasting.) This will be our second espresso offering allowing you to try sweeter milk drinks yet I reckon this coffee will cross over equally well in a nice filter beverage.

I wholeheartedly approve of the use of the double positive “super awesome”.


El Meridiano Rioblanco, Colombia (Decaffeinated)

Has Bean say: In the cup there’s a real sweet and fruity feel going on. There’s blueberries and strawberries spinkled in white sugar, alongside a big n’ sticky strawberry jam mouthfeel. colombia-decaf-hasbean-roasters-takeover

Why we brought it: We buy some tasty decaf coffees but never one that has sounded as funky and sweet as this.

How will it be served: As our decaf option…


These coffees start on Monday 15th August – they should continue over the next week or two, until we run out.

Keep your eyes pealed to our social media for future coffees from Has Bean plus tasting events!