Events and Training

Liberty Coffee Tasting

Learn about how the provenance and processing of coffee effects its flavour in our tasting course. We will try up to eight different coffees side by side in order to pick out how they vary in substance and style. See whether you prefer an African over a South American, find the flavours in coffee you never thought existed and learn something new about the world’s most popular drink.

Sign up online or in store on the allotted dates. Min 4 people Max 10 people. £15.00 per person.

Home Brewing Training

Tips and tricks about how to get the best from your coffee at home. Look at different brewing devices and the best techniques associated with them; find the best method for you without all the fuss. Learn some general rules of thumb when brewing coffee; explore which coffees suit your tastes and what details to look for when purchasing fresh coffee.

Book via appointment only, suitable for 1 -4 people. £15.00 per person (includes samples of coffee to take home with you)