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What is speciality coffee?


As many people only see the end product they do not realise that coffee is in fact a fruit. The variety of such a fruit is often dictated by location & climate and then the way the coffee berry is picked, processed and produced can result in a different tasting cup. The coffee bean (or seed) is present within this coffee cherry, the seed is revealed through processing, involving depulping, washing and drying.


Green coffee is graded by size, density and any potential defects (or lack of) then exporters gather samples from different lots of coffee across a particular area or farm and agree prices depending on quality. Speciality coffees are always brought with flavour in mind so the better the quality the higher the desirability. Coffees are scored using a tasting system developed by the Speciality Coffee Association, to quality as speciality a coffee must score over 80 points.


Roasters are invariably in control of the end product as they can choose to enhance certain flavours and soften others. The best roasters will buy higher quality coffees and roast them in such a manner that will allow the true nature of a particular coffee to shine through in the resulting cup. We have tried and tested coffees from various roasters near and far, we are proud to work with some of the best in the business.


We only buy speciality grade coffee at Liberty Coffee and feel that it is important to assert that your drink is made using a particular coffee. The fact that you may be drinking a Colombian Cappuccino that can be directly linked back to a particular plot of land and farmer is hugely important. True, natural flavour will always originate from a painstakingly meticulous approach to farming coffee, these efforts must be rewarded. We wish to share this high quality approach so that you can taste the end product, we are confident that you won’t be disappointed.

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Note: we are currently selling 250g bags of retail coffee online (beans or ground.) 

Please email us at [email protected] if you would like a list of the coffees we have to purchase including delivery costs.